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I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last year or so digesting podcasts, interviews, blog posts and articles related to how musicians, or indeed any creatives, can utilise social media and their online presence to connect with an audience out there. Quite a different world to twenty years ago when I’d be sending out demo cassettes, promo packs, letters out into the ether, doing gigs without any kind of mailing list mechanism and no real sense of consistency in delivering any creative content to an audience. Having tried a few little things and tried to familiarise myself with some practises, ideas and methods, its reached a point now where I know I just have to start the ball rolling. And that means consistently rolling – not trying out a music video and then going silent, not trying out a few blog posts and then disappearing. And definitely not spending time on musical direction, branding name and pondering over whether something is perfect.

While I have recorded music under various project names over the years, I’ve had it in mind to try and link up what music I put out there (wherever there is) and what I can perform live in the best way to connect to people. In 2017, when I started doing some open mic and open spots, it seemed that vocal and piano was the better format and a bit easier logistically, which is a little different to the synth heavy electronic dance instrumental music I had previously been recording and uploading to the web.

Having wasted a bit of time wondering whether to represent the various musical sides seperately, to avoid either confusing those who might want to follow up on what I do and have done, or to play on the eclectic nature of my active musical side. I think the best way forward is just to accept that I’m quite a mixed bag and not really fixed on one genre of music. Perhaps its not really a problem at all and I shouldn’t feel too weighed down by it.

Therefore my main website will be used to house all music I’ve done and am doing in all its flavours. Through regular blog posts, performance and lyric videos, uploaded tracks and hopefully some more live shows, I’ll be focused more on sharing content with people rather than trying to guess what is and isn’t expected. 2018 is the year to start doing…… And this blog post was one of the things on my list of things to do. Tick….

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