Paul Jackson Music

Welcome all... whether I'm performing songs and covers with a piano, or building up multi-layered electronic pop, or crafting some cross genre instrumental work, you can reach it from here. As it builds with new content, archived memories, and random musings of possible interest, you are most welcome to join the mailing list below to receive a free download of one's own song, as well as occasional emails from me telling you what I'm up to next. Paul


You can join my mailing list for occasional and sporadic non-intrusive updates.


While I have previously worked with synthesizers, sequencers and other boxes of stuff, I've returned to my original passion which is sitting at a piano and playing songs. So as well as writing new ones I'm also revisiting and reworking past songs to play now for you on my YouTube channel


And aside from writing my own songs, I still have a strong love for just sitting at a piano and performing songs by those writers, artists and bands I have admired over the years.
So I upload a cover version every week to my YouTube channel